10/13 Art Welding / Doug Anderson

Doug Anderson image
Doug Anderson image

October 13 & 14 ■ $150 (Lab Fee $60)
This intensive two-day class will give you a hands-on introduction to gas and mig welding techniques for creating found-object and mild-steel sculpture. You will also learn common methods for cutting steel. Various other commonly implemented arts metal techniques will be discussed in detail as well as basic welding safety. On day two, the instructor will assist you in creating a sculpture from found objects that you have brought for that purpose. Class limited to 7.


Doug Anderson started young as an artist studying art and illustration through high school and college before he was drafted and trained as a welder/metal fabricator. He graduated at the top of his ship fitter class in Ft. Eustis, VA, before being sent to Vietnam. In 1985, he established an art welding/fabrication shop called the Iron Horse in Evergreen CO where he created art pieces designed around Indian artifacts and ornamental railings using flat bar steel. In 2001, he brought his Iron Horse business to Walsenburg. He collaborated with artist Laura Audrey on a large outdoor sculpture in front of the music building at UC Boulder called “Stop & Rest.”