07/28 Experimental Abstract Drawing / Peggy Zehring

Goddess Drawing 22b
Goddess Drawing 22b

July 28-29 $150 (Lab Fee $25)
Each of us is born with a mark. Your job as an artist is to find your own mark and capitalize on it. This class will help you find your own mark and your Truth using charcoal, unusual tools and a blindfold. You will learn to trust your own vision and to make sense of nonsense. This class will also teach you to understand the language of abstraction: the psychology of line and form. No experience necessary. All supplies will be furnished by the instructor for a lab fee of $30.00. A list of things to bring from around home will be sent to you when you register.

Peggy Zehring studied with Elaine deKooning and with Chicago’s abstract painters, disciples of Wassily Kandinsky. She has a fine arts degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Her internationally award-winning work is included in many private and corporate collections, in the United States and abroad, several museums and several publications, including nine books. For over 35 years, she has lectured extensively and taught in a variety of college and workshop settings. She is represented by Montserrat Gallery in New York City and Inner Idea Artists Gallery in La Veta, CO. Visit her website at www.PeggyZehring.com

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