07/07 Navajo Sand Painting / Sharona Nova

Sharona’s image
Sharona's image

July 7 or July 8 ■ $75 (Lab Fee $15)
The Navajo or Diné, value balance, harmony and beauty, a concept captured in the word Hózhó. This concept is reflected in their everyday lives, and is evident in their sand paintings. This class is an exploration of the symbolism and symmetry created in Navajo sand painting. Saturday morning will be spent learning about Navajo culture, past and present, the history of sand painting and its significance to the Navajo people. Saturday afternoon will be spent with each student creating a sand painting of their own to keep. Through the act of creating a personal sand painting, each student will gain a better understanding of Hózhó and find balance in their own lives. The lab fee will pay for all supplies needed.


Sharona Nova has been an artist her whole life. She has been teaching at local art centers for six years teaching Navajo Sand Painting, The Art of Dreamcatchers, Scrapbooking, Jewelry, and Steampunk. She has been studying the Navajo culture and its arts and she believes the arts are the heart and soul of all cultures. She has spent time as an artist learning about cultures through art and exploring art through the lens of culture.