07/01 -- SUMI AND BIG BRUSH PAINTING /Raquel Dimond


July 1 & 2 $150 (Lab fee $30)

All levels of experience will be welcome in this class. Introducing the big brush in addition to our regular bamboo brushes, we will render leaves, flower petals, grasses, and branches. This class will be discussing the history and techniques of Sumi Painting and the materials needed. Students will be using rice paper, Sumi ink and making beautiful paintings. The lab fee will pay for all the materials needed for this class.

Raquel Dimond studied Sumi painting in New York City with Paul Siudzinski. She continues in her Colorado studio – creating Sumi, bead work and weaving. She also has experience with life drawing and design having worked in the art departments of various art magazines including Vogue.

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